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With 75 Million visitors per year, France is the most visited country in the world .

In Paris 20.000 taxis covering Paris and 3 suburbs departments, are doing a main job into public transport sector.

Compared to other europeen countries and USA, parisian rates are between the cheapest.

Several ways to get a cab:Taxi station, radio cab company, internet service, or hail one in the street .

After 1.00 AM, only taxis keep working. No metro, no bus except one reduced night line service.

taxi-paris.net, is an information site about taxis in Paris. Activity area, rules, rates, booking, practical and useful tips. On the other pages Taxi photo gallery, greeting cards, and taxi forum, make parisian taxis already familiar.






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Paris, 105 square km, 2.3 Million people, 9 Million including the suburbs, 1/5 of the population of France.

The historic cradle, dynamic, touristic and intellectual center of France.

Well, it seems very crowded around here. As a foreigner that may give you some fear .

Everyone has his little story about taxi drivers in this country or that, but what about Paris ?

Main and Professional job
There are no drivers working in there spare time.Working as a taxi driver in Paris can't be a second job.
All drivers are professionals, having a knowledge licence.
Each one has been joining a taxi drivers school for several months, and has succesfully passed 2 exams, controled by Paris Police Departement under the supervision of the Home office.